Furizon was created at the end of 2014, from the collaboration between Silver and Rigel, united together by a strong friendship and the passion for the Furry world, adventures and outdoor activities. Together to offer you their Idea of Furmeet. An amazing vacation open to all the furries in touch with their “wild” side. A world made of Stories told around the bonfire, games, dances and woodland hikes.

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Grey Wolf, Male

He’s been administrator of Furzone since 2011, organising 1 yearly event. In late 2013 he has been co-admin of Italian Fur Haven from its creation (late 2013) to its dissolution (November 2014) and organising IFH 1st blood (May 2014) and Furry Fright Night (October 2014). Shortly after that, Furizon was created, in order to keep offer furmeets to Italian Furries: Iced Furs (new year’s eve 2014-2015), Furizon 2015 (May 2015), Prom Night (October 2015) and Iced Furs 2nd edition (new year’s eve 2015-2016). He has great experience, and deals with logistics and accounting.

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Azure Lion, Male

He’s a newcomer to Furry fandom, compared with Silver. He has fewer event organization experiences (John Wood Free music Contest, 2006, Scout catering cook from 2010 al 2013) but counterbalances with his ideas and creativity. He co-organized Iced Furs 1st edition and Furizon 2015. He deals with communication and organizes activities.

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