Fursuiter’s services

During the Furizon event many services for fursuiters will be provided. It will be possible in the registration phase to communicate whether you owe a fursuit. This will allow the staff to prepare and offer you an efficient service.

It will be possible to use an equipped Fursuit Lounge where fursuits and all the necessary fursuiting equipment can be safely stored. The Lounge will be checked by the staff and security members. Only fursuiters will be allowed in the Lounge. In the Lounge, snacks and vitamin supplements will be made available. A ventilation system will also be put in place.



During the event, some staff members will always be available to help refresh the fursuiters. They will also be at hand for each and every inconvenience and problem that fursuiters may encounter.





To make the environment more suitable for fursuiters, the staff will position fans all around the main hall. This will allow fursuiters to freely participate in the activities without having to reach the Lounge to freshen up. However, we suggest fursuiters to always put their own health first and to take frequent and regular breaks from suiting.



For every other information please contact the staff by clicking HERE. Terms and conditions of the services will be made available in the registration phase.