How to reach us

It is important to list all the possible ways to reach the location of the event. Between the various options it’s possible to arrive through the use of public transports (train and bus), directly in a car or using the free shuttle service offered by the staff of Furizon.


Trains are one of the best ways to get to Trento thanks to the numerous connection to Trento’s train station. In particular, direct routes can be taken from the stations of Verona and Bologna. It is possible to get there even from Milan and Venice but a train change is needed in Verona. These trains are handled by the national train company called Trenitalia. On Trenitalia’s website it’s possible to get all the information on the routes and to purchase the tickets.


Link to Trenitalia website



It is possible to reach Trento’s train station also thanks to the Austrian railway company OBB. The routes connect Austria to Trento and some other Italian cities. All the information on the routes can be found in the OBB website.


Link to OBB-Italia website



After reaching the train station in Trento, proceed to the square right in front of it (Piazza Dante). From “Piazza Dante” head south and follow “Via Andrea Pozzo” for a few minutes until you will reach the Trento’s bus station. Here, take the bus number 103 and proceed until the last stop which is the town of Segonzano.

All the information about the bus routes can be accessed by entering the departure and arrival stations on the website of Trentino Trasporti.

Once you reach Segonzano (TN) through public transport the Furizon staff will handle the final transfer (just a few minutes long) and bring you to the location of the event. It will be necessary to contact the staff in order to communicate the time of arrival.

The best way to reach the location through car is to exit the motorway at “Trento Sud” (it needs to be reminded that the toll booth “Trento Centro” can only be used to enter the motorway and not as an exit). After exiting the motorway follow the directions for Padova/Valsugana. Keep going on the road SS12 for about 16km and take the exit for Civezzano. From here follow directions for Val di Cembra until the directions for Segonzano will appear. Keep going for 17km until you reach Segonzano. Once here go through the town following the road SP71. Turn right once you reach indications for the sports ground and loc. Magnola. Once here you will see specific directions positioned by the Furizon staff and you’ll get to the location in a matter of minutes.


It will be possible to use the free shuttle service offered by the Furizon staff. The service will be available two times on the first day of the event and two times on the last day. The shuttle will be available at set times. It will be possible to make use of the service by booking through the staff contact form. This will be necessary in order to communicate the time of arrival and departure. The first two shuttle routes will be on the first day of the event at 12.00 and 16.00. The shuttle will depart from Piazza Dante, in front of the train stations. In case of late arrivals the service cannot be guaranteed. We advise to communicate the details of your journey to the Furizon staff.


The times for the routes on the last day will be agreed on the spot by the attendees who want to make use of the service.


For any other information please contact the main staff by clicking HERE.